Thank Your Cleaner Day

Thank Your Cleaner Day is an initiative aimed at celebrating the hard work of cleaning professionals who dedicate a lot in a bid to ensure the best hygiene in our companies, restaurants, public spots, and more.

Cleaning, though very essential not held in high esteem (at least enough). Unfortunately, the cleaner easily becomes invisible. Every day, tens of thousands of skilled, hardworking cleaning staff are onsite to ensure your premises are ready to go for the next business day. 

Cleaners work day, night, and weekends to keep your working and living environments clean, safe and hygienic, often outside of normal working hours. Thank Your Cleaner Day™ recognizes the hard work cleaners do and lets them know they are valued and appreciated.


It is with this in mind, that KARCHER decided to reward these everyday hard-workers. A few were from our staff here at Alternative Solutions.